Ed Sheeran has included PJ Smith as a stage hand on his current world tour.  Speaking to the crowd, Ed Sheeran said, “I have a guy who works in my tour as a carpenter and I found out the other day that he played piano and not only that he played piano but he played piano very, very well.

“I have a song that’s on my album which has piano on it that I wish I could play live. Now when I say I can play piano, I can play it to a standard of rehearsing it a lot in a recording studio, and recording it but I don’t feel like it’s good enough for people to pay money to see.

“I asked PJ would he play piano with me on stage about a month ago. He said absolutely not so I asked him again and he said ‘No’.

“Well, I’m quite a persuasive person so would you welcome to the stage Mr PJ Smith.”

PJ Smith has featured at concerts in Chicago, Dallas and New York.

Ed Sheeran is scheduled for nine concerts in Ireland in 2018.  It starts in the beginning of May 2018 and concludes on the weekend of 19 May in Dublin.

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