Up until now, the star’s new album was only available in the form of a physical copy, or digital download, with the exception of Australia and the Philippines, where the album was spotted on Spotify and Apple Music. But now, after the announcement was made on Swift’s twitter, the album will be available on all streaming services, worldwide starting today, December 1.

Despite the previous decision to temporarily keep the album off of streaming services, reputation quickly got the biggest first week sales of 2017, selling over 1.2 million copies in the US.

The move was similar to, but less drastic than the one that Adele’s team made, where she released her album 25, but kept it off of streaming services until as much as 7 months after its initial release, so Swift’s team’s move is a tamer one in comparison, although still a dramatic one.

Taylor Swift

The album was recently listed on the top 30 of the year list of The Independent, where it was praised for the work the producer put into it, as well as Swift’s songwriting skills. “One of her greatest talents… to encapsulate those small moments, often in a new relationship, that you as a listener cannot”.

Billboard reported that Reputation had the 10th largest sales week for any album since Nielsen began tracking sales electronically. This album marks Swift’s fourth million selling week, making her the first and only artist to ever achieve that, having previously been tied with Adele at 3, although Adele still holds the record for the biggest opening sales, with 3.378 million copies of ‘25’ racked up on November 2015.

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