The Grammy winning rapper Eminem is a die-hard fan of the Hip-Hop golden era, and apparently not at all down with the rise of mumble rap. In a new “Broken Record” podcast, writer Malcolm Gladwell and Rick Rubin discussed Eminem’s new “Walk On Water” single.

“They’d just been talking about the rise of mumble rap and there was something about that line, ‘I walk on water, but only when it freezes,’ that touched a nerve,” Gladwell said moments before Rick Rubin added, “So for him, it’s a little bit of a culture shock because there’s a new wave of hip-hop that’s not really what he’s about. He was just talking to me about how that felt. I could see he was frustrated by it.”


His fans have had some very strong but varied reactions to Shady’s apparent stance on the new developments of Hip-Hop.

“Fuck these fair weather fans, that shit is fucking poop dawg, it was like that Macklemore gay boy song just without all the fag references. You’re the best to ever do it homie, and that can never be taken from you, but cmon dawg bring that heat, at least a song with a fucking beat to it.#bringbackslimshady” -Said some fan of his.

“Em is so clever, he is reading, scrolling, judging and filtering out the FAKE-stans … Am pretty sure the next song is gonna burn up another hole in their asses. He don’t need an audience anymore who doesn’t understand true music. The GOD knows know to create equilibrium. The KING knows how to rule. #shadyback” -Exclaimed yet another elitist fan.

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