Ed Sheeran, who only released Divide, his third studio album earlier this year, has revealed that he’s already got a rough outline for his new album, and 9 songs that could potentially make it into the album!

“I’ve got a rough outline of it – I’ve probably got about nine songs that i really like. But that could all change tomorrow if i thnk of nine new songs to replace them” -He told Time Out. “There are about forty that I wrote I haven’t used but nine I really like.”


He also announced that despite making history and selling out stadiums across the world on his own, he is finally planning to gather up a live band by the time his next album comes around.

“There’s definitely a chance. I think I’ll always have a loop pedal in the show but I think I’ll grow a band around it” He said. “I think that’s where it’s heading – making a show with lots of different moments where maybe there are two songs with a band and then one song in the middle with the pedal. There’ll be all sorts of different things but I think that’s still five years away. I want to play stadiums everywhere using the pedal and once I’ve done that then I’ll go to a band.”


Sheeran finally also released the music video for ‘Perfect’, which has a very wintery feel, and follows the track’s story of falling in love with a girl from childhood, and is set on the ski slopes in Hintertux, Austria

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