Kalleby Freitas da Rosa, 30, was performing at an event  Sunday afternoon on 17 December, when some extreme wind toppled the massive metal structure, causing it to collapse on the DJ.

The DJ suffered head injuries from the fall, and was immediately rushed to the hospital, where he died upon arrival. Three others were injured, but no one else died thankfully. The festival took place at Parque Estadual De Exposições Assis Brasil in Esteio, a municipality near Porto Alegre in the south.
Atmosphere Festival issued a statement on Facebook yesterday regarding the accident that occurred at their event, which has been translated to English from Portugese:

“We always cherish the security of our audience, following all the processes, reports and authorisations requested by the local authorities. And to our audience we will keep them informed of all our actions to keep the truth about the facts that have occurred. We’re sorry, we lost a friend, an artist. Our priority is to assist the wounded and their families. We thank the military brigade and the fire department for all their assistance.”
Here are some videos of the collapse captured from phones of people who attended the show:

Friends of the performer took to Facebook to pay tribute to the musician, his friend Kaka Guimaraes wrote:

“You were a person of great light and your smile charmed many people. I told you that less than three weeks ago and be assured we will always remember you with a huge smile on your face. You were a spectacular man. Your smile represented peace. No-one dies while they remain in peoples’ hearts.”

Andressa Schorner added: “Angel of my heart, friendship without limits. We are selfish by nature and do not want to lose anyone but your day to go up to Heaven has come.”

Kalleby Freitas da Rosa

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