While we’ve known Grande has been working on her fourth album for over a year now, she’s shared some exciting photos and videos hinting that she might be coming to an end with the production of the album. She has been working with Pharrell Williams on the follow-up to last year’s Dangerous Woman, and he described the new music as ‘next level’, so the expectations for the new album are sky high.

The post came after Ariana responded to a fan’s post of a picture that the fan claimed was of Ariana recording her new album, saying “I’m pretty sure dis is very old or fake, if u wanted confirmation that I’ve been workin why didn’t you just ask?”(Sic). And of course after that, she didn’t let her fans down and quickly followed it up with a Polaroid of the star sitting in the studio, editing what is probably one of her new songs. And to conclude, she even posted a black and white video of her editing the song, although sadly there is no audio.

Dangerous Woman was the album that made Grande come into her own as an artist, bringing out her unique pop sound and making for what is in many people’s opinions one of the best pop albums of the decade, so many expect her new album to be amazing. Since she appears to be working heavily with Pharrell on the new album, we can’t know what direction she will chose to take it, and it’s sound is unpredictable, adding even more to the hype.

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