“When Evanescence unleashed Fallen in 2003, they inspired a generation. But for Amy Lee, it was the start of a decade-long struggle to control her own destiny”.

Despite being under interrogation by the press all day, Lee was in a playful mood, “C’mon, what you got, whatcha got? You’re my last in a looong block of interviews,” she told TeamRock, and despite her being tired, when it comes to talking about Evanescence it shows that she’s fiercely proud of her band and is quick to take any opportunity to set things straight.

Despite only having 3 studio albums, evanescence have never failed to impress. From their teenage beginnings in the 90’s, to their overwhelming breakthrough with ‘Bring Me To Life’, which played on every music channel and became an anthem for gothic punk styles, as did Amy’s look.

Fallen Cover

Despite only having so few albums, Amy insists that there’s a reason for it, and that it’s a process that has allowed the band to keep existing. “People are like, ‘Oh, so you’ve been hanging out and doing nothing for five years, how come?’” -She said, reffering to the last hiatus following their third, self titled 2011 album. “It’s never like that! We toured for a year and a half, and then, you know, I had a baby, blah, blah, blah…”


It’s easily noticeable that she has a tendency to cover up the more personal aspects of her life with humor, perhaps serving as another reminder that she once was a bonafide megastar, thrust into the spotlight at the young age of 21, something she explained has actually hindered her creative process.

“To make something you really mean, for me, means I have to go live my life for a while, figure out who I am again and have some experiences I need to get off my chest. I need to step away and not feel like a–” She hesitated to finish that sentence, – “a ‘rockstar’ any more. I need to go be Amy. And it’s beautiful, because as much as I’ve been ready and willing to abandon it completely, it always leads me back to Evanescence,” she says with certainty. “I’m very proud, still – more than ever, even – of our oldest music. It’s not anything I’m ashamed of.”

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